CAMI Scanner

About us...

The National Centre for Advanced Medical Imaging was established in 2008 following an infrastructural award secured from the Health Research Board to develop research magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in Ireland. The mission of CAMI is to act as a unified research imaging centre spanning basic and clinical studies. CAMI provides MRI infrastructure for patient-focused research studies and clinical trials aimed at improving our understanding and diagnosis of disease. Research at CAMI strives to improve patient health through development and execution of state-of-the-art imaging research and aims to deliver direct and rapid translation from bench to beside.

We offer researchers unhindered access to the cutting-edge MRI technology at a time that suits the needs and schedules of researchers and their patients. Our convenient location within St. James's hospital uniquely offers the research community and industry the possibility of scanning a wide range of patients from very ill ICU patients to participants on drug trials.

Unlike most hospital based 1.5 Telsa MRI scanners, our MRI scanner is a Philips Achieva 3T MRI system, equipped with 32 RF receiver channels. This MRI scanner reduces dieletric shading to provide optimum image uniformity, consistency and faster scanning. A full set of detector coils are available to researchers enabling us to accommodate a wide range of potential research interests from cardiovascular and neurology to oncology imaging

Users of the CAMI facilities require no specialist knowledge in MR imaging. As part our service, researchers benefit from access to experienced consultant radiologist, MR physicists, and radiographer support. Our team is here to aid and support you with your project development, data acquisition and image interpretation.