Neonate brain - Dr. Adrinne Fornan, Dr. Aibhe Tarrant, Dr. Mike Boyle

StOOPS (Short-term surrogate Outcome Of infants enrolled in the Perinatal Ireland PORTO Study) is a follow on study to Perinatal Ireland’s PORTO study. Babies born with intrauterine growth restriction are at a higher risk of having learning difficulties, speech and language delays and requiring assistance in school. Early pick up of these issues can maximise their outcome. We are assessing a cohort of PORTO babies with MRI brain scans and will compare the scans of the group with abnormal dopplers, to those of normal dopplers and healthy well grown controls. The children will then have a developmental assessment at 2 years. Our interest will be in assessing the volumes of various regions of the brain especially the hippocampus, cerebellum and central grey nuclei to see if we can determine a difference between the groups and if this will help predict those requiring supports. StOOPS represents the first Irish paediatric study with 3T imaging. The study is a national study recruiting from the participating PORTO centres of Dublin, Cork and Galway and commenced in July 2011 and is expected to take up to two years to complete

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