Oesophageal Cancer
- Prof. John Rynolds, Prof. James Meaney

Professor John V. Reynolds is Professor of Surgery and Head of Department at Trinity College Dublin. He is a specialist oesophageal and gastric surgeon and is based at St. James’s Hospital. Prof. Reynolds research interests are in molecular understanding of Barrett’s oesophagus and oesophageal cancer, the molecular prediction of response or resistance to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, obesity and cancer, and modulating the immune response following complex major surgery.

The aim of the oesophageal cancer study at CAMI is to investigate new ways to improve staging of oesophageal cancer by exploiting advances in cutting-edge MRI technology to detect and evaluate the extent of local and distant disease. This study is addressing whether MRI, a technique that does not use ionizing radiation, can provide similar information to, and potentially replace PET/CT scanning in some instances, in oesophageal cancer patients.