Sudden Cardiac Death
- Dr. Caroline Daly

Prof. DalyDr. Caroline Daly is a cardiologist based in St. James’s Hospital in Dublin who is interested in specialist imaging such as transoesophageal echocardiography, nuclear imaging and cardiac MRI studies.

Dr. Daly’s research interests include sudden cardiac death and methods by which cases may be identified at subclinical stage.  There are in excess of 5,000 sudden cardiac deaths in Ireland annually. The majority of these are in persons over 35 years of age, and over 90% of these are caused by ischaemic heart disease. Dr. Daly’s research is, for the first time, evaluating all first-degree relatives of sudden death victims by cardiac MRI.  Due to the excellent spatial and temporal resolution afforded by cardiac MR cardiac dimensions and function can be assessed more accurately and reproducibly than with other techniques and cardiac MRI can also provide information on tissue characteristics such as the presence of fatty infiltration or scar. The addition of cardiac MRI to standard evaluation of relatives of sudden death victims will aid in identification of affected relatives at an earlier stage and therefore improve our ability to prevent further deaths.

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Cardiac Scan