CAMI Scanner

Patient Information

Patient are requested to arrive 15 minutes prior to their appointment time.  You will be requested to fill out an MRI safety screening form upon arrival. This form will be checked by the research study coordinator who recruited you to the study and also by the CAMI radiographer. 

In general, there are no specific dietary or other preparations for your MRI scan (unless indicated otherwise by the research study coordinator).  You will be requested to change into hospital clothes before undergoing the MRI scan, and to remove all metal accessories (keys, watches, jewellery, hair clips, bras with metal hooks, etc.).  You will also be requested to remove all piercings, dentures and removal bridges, and if possible to not wear eye make-up or have wet hair.

MRI Safety Reminder
The most important part of preparing for your MRI scan is determining whether you have any metal or surgical implants that may be affected by the strong magnetic fields used in the MRI process.  Most implants are not affected by MRI, but if you have any of the following you will not be able to participate in the MRI study:

  • pacemaker
  • brain aneurysm clip
  • cochlear implant
  • recent surgery within the past 6 weeks
  • possibility of pregnancy
  • electrical stimulator for nerves or bones
  • implanted infusion pump

If you have any of the following, please contact the research study coordinator or CAMI radiographer:

  • history of any eye injury involving metal fragments
  • you have been a metal worker (grinding, machining, or welding)
  • artificial heart valve
  • orthopaedic hardware (artificial joint, plate, screws, rods)
  • other metallic prostheses
  • coil, catheter or filter in any blood vessel
  • ear or eye implant
  • recent tattoos within the past 6 weeks
  • shrapnel, bullets, or other metallic fragments
  • medication releasing skin patches (nicotine, birth control, nitroglycerine)

The Centre for Advanced Medical Imaging (CAMI) is located on the ground floor of St. James’s Hospital, just off the main hospital concourse (beside the Private ward & the Daffodil Centre).  Ask for directions to CAMI at the main reception desk in the hospital concourse.

The hospital is serviced by the LUAS and the number 123 bus.  Parking is available in the underground public car park.